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996 C2or FQ300? - nice decision to have to make

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Fortunate to be in the position of chosing my next car, having just sold my (fab) EVO VI RS2...

Had my eye on a 996 C2, standard car, 98-R in blue. Would be my first 911 and after driving one on a track day recently hugely impresed, had already decided to go for this then was offered this.....

EVO 8 FQ300 2003 in black. Drove it today and was really really impressed by how much more of a 'quality' feel it has over the EVO VI. Does not feel as quick as the RS2 but more compliant/easy to live with.

Not going to do many miles in either one as have a daily driver for motorways etc.

So.. What would you go for??????
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Leonard said:

Saying that I would go for a 993 :)
I'd have agreed with you until I drove one. Ergonomic disaster, like sitting in an old Beetle. I just couldn't get comfy with the pedals so offset. :blah:

Go for the 996. :)
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