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Hi there,
have a standard '96 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.3 GLX and have troublesome idle speed problem. (When the car is stopped or idling the car revs up and down by itself continuously....very annoying!)
Have noticed that when you turn on rear window heater revs drop slightly

Was told this could be an idle speed control valve problem and also a mass flow meter problem. Removed both of these and cleaned them with carburettor cleaner but no joy. When power supply is removed from mass flow meter however idle problem stops and car idles on a high rev so went to breakers and bought the whole throttle body from a '98 Lancer as both idle speed control valve and mass flow meter are connected to this. Banged it in last night (but did not replace gasket) but no joy and problem still the same :cry:

So any suggestions!? Breakers part could obviously also be banjaxed but do I need to replace the gasket and where am I going to get that!?

Considering getting it hooked up to diagnostics computer but this 'll set be back a few bob and will it definitely locate where the problem is?

At this stage I'm sick of it and just want shut of this car!

Any suggestions really appreciated

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