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take off youre strutbar front
take off youre strutbar back end
take off youre crossbar back end
take off youre radio maybe with 10 cd set in the back
take off youre ??????

i have mounted sparco seats with brackets they weigh more than the standard seats(go drive on a circuit with rs 2 standard seats)

i can make my car as light as possible but will it be fun to drive then?

i know my handling of the car has improved a lot maybe i lost 0.10 of a sec

i like 18 inchers why ----- and amp;gt;because makkinen drive 18 inch too on tarmac we all like that and that is one of the reason we drive an evo so we can see our car on television an say thats the same car i have border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >



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Maxi P,

What Claudius was trying to say,whitout giving any detail,Is that you should go for magnesium 18 rims that are bigger but much lighter than standard ones.
The speedline 2021sc is only 8kg!

The weight gain on a wheel has nothing to do with the weight gain on a cd player,air conditioning or others.

-It is non suspended weight,and it contributes a lot on the cood handling of the car and
suspension work.

-The wheel weight has a direct connection with acceleration and braking power!

Can you imagin a very light evo with very heavy rims? Even if the total weight would be the same it would loose a lot of acceleration border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >.

I really like the look of 18 inches wheels and would fit them,but make sure that the rim is not heavier than standard!!!
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