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I'm in the process of getting parts for a 500bhp build, I think I have most sorted apart from the engine build and rs diff kit which I will source later I would just like a little help if someone could tell me what I'm missing parts wise.

So far I have,
Syvecs ecu
Nitron r3 coilovers
Twin plate clutch
Koyo rad
Uprated 80 series turbo(gets the car running quicker)
750cc injectors
Rev3 ported inlet manifold
Fp race manifold
Metal turbo pipe

The car already has an aftermarket exhaust yet I have no idea what it is or size.

Parts I think I have left to get are

S90 throttle bidy
Sensor pack for ecu
Hardpipe kit
Fuel pump and reg
Front and rear roll bars
Pf front disks and pads.

Am I missing anything else?

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Phil, I don't expect to get 500bhp out of that turbo but I expect to get the car up and running at a nice spec so I will have time to source the right turbo spec. I do have a billet gt35r in my garage but I need a lot more cash to support that turbo.

Cams will be on the engine side and that is something I won't be sourcing as better for the engine builder to source everything?

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I think you mean drop ins, which has pistons and rods done in situ mg charge £1795 for this and norris does long rod drop in for £2895 but comes with a custom spec piston and extras as standard.
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