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Hi there

Has anyone done any 4 wheel alignment on the Evo6 ? Mine has about 1500miles on it and thinking about an alignment. Are there any specific settings for the Evo 6 or can i bring it to any alignment shop ?
There are no ralliart/mitsubishi dealers here in the US qualified for an Evo6, so i cant bring it there.

Thank you

- ron

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These are the official settings. Elsewhere on here you'll find various views on changing these to suit driving styles. Might be best to start with these as your base and change to suit if needed.


Camber -1degree or -2 degrees
Caster 3 degrees 54’
Kingpin Inclination 14 degrees 18’
Toe in (mm) 0

Camber -1 degree 00’
Toe in (mm) 3

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Could someone tell me how to set the camber on the front ?

Someone said it's done from the top of the suspension strut, a nut that you turn to the desired setting, but couldn't see anything from a quick inspection.

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Evo 5/6:
The front camber can be adjusted by taking out and turning round the top bolt on the joint between the the strut and steering knuckle. If you look carefully you will see there is an arrow on the bolt. With the arrow pointing towards the inside of the car -1° camber is set with the arrow pointing to the outside of the car -2° camber is set. The bolt is eccentric hence you can have 2 settings. The factory setting is -1° camber.
You really need to combine the front change with a revised setting on the rear for maxmium gains. Also don't forget to check your tyre wear pattern.
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