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The same engine as I used for my stroker project. I bought it as a spare but would like to free up some space.

The advantage of this engine is that the block is 6mm taller than the 4G63, thus giving a better rod ratio than the usual stroker route of fitting the 4G64 crank into a 4G63 block.

Throw in some steel rods and forged pistons (rods are the same as 4G63 and Wiseco do an off the shelf piston) and you have a forged stroker bottom end for not much money :)

Alternatively, you could build a long rod stroker or a destroked 2.1 (10k rpm capable)

You could build this up as a project then simply swap over your existing lump, sell that and put this in... :D

Would suit somone who likes a project :cool:

Complete engine minus the throttle body

£650 ono
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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