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A while ago there was a thread about the rs 450 on an evo 6 and some one pointed out that an E1 would make a great street sleeper.... well guess what.... Im doing it.

I have just purchased a second hand engine, should be here next week, and have ammassed a huge amount of tuning knowladge about the 4g63t's. The american boys run thses engines as 10 second cars for around £3k . So I am going to work..... I have a new domain which will shortly be up call ed and you can see the progress on there.

I have planned to send the block to send the block to a good engine builder i know, together with 8.2-1 je pistons, Jun rods and a few other little bits.

The head will consist of standard cams (there is a thread in its self!!!), Solid tappets, adjustable cam gears, compatition springs and sodium valves and a metal head gasket.

I already have a guy making an Intercooler for me 20% larger surface and 10% smaller throughput (!) with ERL water injection (all this next month)

All this will be controlled from a £500 unichip (piggy back and not replacement) .

The power will be going through a Helix clutch (£340) and a blue printed gear box ( which has recently blown up).

No LSD's, No tracs, :) The engine should be able to take 400 - 480 if I change the crank, but I dont really want to do that. The bit I am stuck on is the turbo, and before you start saying.. you wanna put the TME in it its got... blah blah blah.... With the setup I will be running I have calculated I will only need 20lbs of boost to achieve the magis 400.

Coupled with my weight (on weigh bridge) of 1140kg (quarter of tank and not me in) should make for a very quick car.

Abviously suspension and brakes are in the equasion too. Unfortunatly due to my pittance of a sallary compared to you guys, it wont be ready untill about sept / Oct.

I would like to thank TonyC for helping me recently - You could not find anyone else who knows more about the evo123 .

Oh did I mention i will only be running 205 tyres?

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I doubt very much you would get 400bhp with standard cams, low compression, a unichip (!) and E6 related turbo. 20psi, is around 1.5 bar isn't it? No chance.

But... if you put a bigger turbo, then you would. I would suggest you put on a TD06-20g, or get something of a similar size from Garett and get a custom manifold made. Then you could get 400bhp at around 1.4bar.

What about your injectors? They would definitely need changing on your car - they are not even as big as the 6's.

I have some standard 6 injectors for sale though... :D

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i would go the gt garret turbo route for get the greddy route they want to much cash you can get a large roller turbo from garret for £1100 good for 500hp and then you need a waste gate and a manifold which if you play your cards right could put togeather for less than £800 . bingo roger clark motorsport have done this and can provide parts . they have also used greddy kits that didn't last 5 mins as well . if your in england stay a way from greddy stuff as any problems and you have no one to repair theses units and that means lots of money .

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This is rubbish! You can get Greddy kits repaired, no problem. They are mitsubishi turbos, the parts are EASY to get hold of. Yes, they are expensive. Roger Clark didn't have one pop - they just couldn;t get more than 420hp out of a 25g - funny how everyone else can.

Norris Designs, RC, Dragon - all of these can get service parts for the mitsubishi turbos. It is no harder to service one of these in the Greddy kits than it is the stock turbo, other than there are fewer around.

Personally, having a Trust/Greddy kit, I would go for the HKS stuff - which is very well serviced in Europe - and is slightly better technology.

Don't forget the intercooler piping and downpipe you will need too. Manifolds are not cheap, and neither are external wastegates. If you can get them for £800 the pair - that is ####ing amazing. I doubt a home grown kit would see much change from £3,000 - still cheaper than a Greddy kit, no doubt - but stop making claims about unreliability. There are 2 EVOs on this forum with 20g kits, and half a dozen with 25gs that I know of - no problems. Simon Norris has run his 200sx with the 20g kit at 2bar for 2 years with no problems.

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I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with this. I'm geting my Evo 1 on the 10th of May hipefully so let me know what mods you recomend to go for or to steer clear of.

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Standard cams - well big topic, leave for now......

Injectors, I will need 550cc's as the duty cycle will be close on my 520's. no bigger i think.

The turbine is now decited as a Garett... but which one? Internal waste gate though.

Intercooler - I will let you knoe the guys name who makes tham and pipeing for almost no money after I have bought mine or he might decide they are worth something after all!!!

Had a look at my gear box today - coming along nicely, should be ready in 3 weeks. And they said it will take the power, but they were concerend about the torque, so I might have to drop the torque a little.

I confess, I made a mistake with the compresson, it should have read 8.9 -1 The guys in America run high compression comapred to us.

how much you want for the injecters? What is the history? what are they?

I have exhaust and manifold sorted. Using standard but with heavy porting.

I know 400 is a big fugure on a budget, but realistically I want 360 |PLS| 360 lbpf so if I aim high might get it.

My last car was a Rover 220 coupe turbo. I had 260bhp out of that with 3k spent!!! talk about a shite engine....

More developments to follow......

Oh I hope to be at a few track days this year if I get my brakes and suspension sorted with a mear 300bhp and 230lbpf.

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its funny blade that when i had a GTIR all the tuners said to stay away from the greddy units as they were impossible to get bits for . not having a go at the greddy stuff but you have to forward think about any problems . another case of japan inports are the OHLINS JAPAN SUSPENSION thay look great work well but you try to get them repaired hear in europe even buy OHLINS SWEDEN . they won't touch them . is it the same with the greddy kits ????? sugest you ask the question to who you bought the kits from .

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You should look at the Green turbo from forced performance ( It's a Mitsubishi Turbo with Garret internals. It's the turbo that everyone is raving about right now. It will bolt to the standard manifold which actually doesn't flow too badly when ported out. Definitely get an external wastegate though, and run it from the exisitng wastegate outlet, ported with the flapper removed of course. It is pricey though.

To get that kind of power safely on pump gas (I am assuming it is wheel power) you will need at least 660 cc injectors if not 720cc.

You might want to check out the pistons being made by Endyn for the 4g. They are 9:1 compression and incorporate some interesting tricks if you believe them. Thier history makes me a believer.

Also check out to get an idea of what it takes to run 400 hp. I don't honestly think 400 hp can be done for 3K. But it really doesn't take 400 hp to be faster than most of the cars around(including Evo 6s). I am still running the small 16g on my Evo 1, and it runs 12.7 sec quarter miles on 95 octane, full weight, and has been for quite a while so don't think it is a ticking time bomb.

Good luck with your project.

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As we are on the subject of fuel pumps....... PLease all the advice plase... how to get to it.... wha is it.... what to replace it with etc etc etc.....


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The fuel pump obviously supplies the fuel from the tank to the injectors. The more power the engine makes the more fuel it will require (to make the power) and the stock Evo I pump is just not up to it. I don't remember, it is either rated at 110 lph or 90 lph.

The fuel pump can be accesed from under the back seat on the drivers side. Pull the pump fuse and let the car run to drain the line. There is a square plate that you must unscrew. Underneath that you will see the fuel tank with another plate (round) with fuel lines and wires going in and out. The supply line from the tank needs to be disconected from under the car. If you try to disconnect the top fitting you are gauranteed to break the metal line (luckily I was told this before I tried). Then you just remove the nuts and take it out. If you check the 2G AWD Eclipse pump install is pretty much the same.

The one I am using is a Walbro 255 lph, made for a Mitsu. Eclipse. It is fairly noisy. It requires modification to the tank (i.e. you have to beat a belly in the tank!). Unfortunately I discovered this after purchasing the pump. The 150 lph Denso pumps sold by Road Race Engineering should work as well. I don't know what you could use in the U.K.

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Hi Scoobie-Killa ...

Been a while. Glad to see you are going to have some fun with the car. :)

Are you sure that the Unichip is going to be up to the job? I suspect an evolink or gems unit might be a better proposition, especially if you are wanting to push the limits, so to speak.

By the way, who thought up the lame name? ;)

Take care dude.


BTW: I might be able to sort you out a decent fuel pump if you need one, let me know. :)

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Just one question

Why do you want a Garrett?

What's wrong with Mitsubishi's finest. Big 16g (td05-16g6) or 20g?
Direct bolt on for the evo1.

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id just like to say that i think i should take full credit for this project as it was my idea a couple of months ago, and therefore should be allowed the first passenger ride when its complete :)
and then perhaps you could do the conversion to mine as well, :)

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oh, almost forgot, where did you get the engine from?, and how much did it cost? I wouldnt mind having a go myself!

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Interesting stuff. Keep me informed of how u get on! How much for the 20g including labour and what difference in reality would there be? Where can u get one? I'm interested in upgrading my turbo. Current mods inc:Cusco organic clutch, HKS ssbov, Blitz sbc-id with power meter, HKS Powerflow induction, HKS Hiper Muffler decat(3 pipework, 5 tail), HKS Iridiums, Blitz FATT Turbo timer, HKS Boost gauage, Titanium manifold heat shield, 17 rims, GAB adjustables. Hope your project goes to plan. Regards, Adam

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Sorry no reply for while, been sunning it in France. Yes Well, all is almost back on track now. Let me see Questions.

1. I bought my turbo from Turbo dynamics in bournmouth. (I dont recomend using them)
2. Rides are always given, as long as the passenger a) Has nice breasts or b) pays me money!
3. Any ideas on a fuel pump always welcome.
4. Anyone know good / bad water injection producs, looks like earl!?

And before anyone lse has a go, I know 400 for 3K is a big large, but I was realistically aiming for 350.

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