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Its got to be said that cyclists really dont give a **** about anyone other them themselves. I'm a ex mountain bike racer, and do alot of offroad and on road still so I am allowed to have a go about bikes.....

They dont stop at traffic lights - just try not stopping when i'm crossing the road - a quick elbow in the face will soon stop em!

If they are riding with somone else then they ride side by side like complete pricks (only applies to the tight Lycra brigade)

If you can ride a bike properly then there is no need to swerve all over the road trying to miss the pothole.

Rant over - but they do make me ****** mad and then slag off the car drivers when they get close to em!

Sorry, went a bit off the original topic - if you text at the wheel of a car, especially one as fast and responsive as an Evo then your mad!
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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