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had a green peace type cyclist on my bonnet of the van a couple of years ago,he was running a red light he was laid on the floor i got out he started mouthing at me ,i said to him if you didnt run the reds you wouldnt be on your arse you P£ICK got in the van drove off .i so hate cyclists .:wallbang:
I've had a cyclist ride towards me on MY side of the road (alongside the pavement) in the DARK!! :eek: P**k was waving & shouting abuse at me for nearly hitting him & he didn't have any lights on either! It's always the driver's fault! :goingmad: :wallbang:

Some motorcyclists are as bad. I was sat in the middle of the road indicating to turn right in my old works van. There was a break in the oncoming traffic so i pulled across the road. As i was turning right, a motorbike went slamming into the o/s wing. The moron was overtaking me!!! :confused::eek::shake:
Luckily, there were witnesses who all said it was his fault & he even admitted it! Lucky for him only his bike was damaged, could so easily of ended up in a wheelchair.

In this case, both to blame. Moron for thinking it was ok to jump a red light on his bike, blonde for texting while driving. As has been said, it may have happened even if she hadn't have been texing :shake:
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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