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Hmm I hate most cyclists, not all, just the ones who feel all traffic laws do not apply, i.e. stopping at lights, zebra crossings, swerving madly, riding 2-3 a breast... My Dad was at a set of lights when a cyclist deciced to use his brand new van as a leaning post, my dad opened the window and asked him what he was doing, to which the cyclist replied "propping myself up" to which my dad told him that he didn't own the van he was "propping" on and to remove himself and rolled a bit forward so the twit nearly fell off.

Horses on the other hand I feel I should defend being an ex-horse rider. As Aidy said they use the road to go from bridleway to bridleway. As a horse rider I always try and say thankyou, but I used to have one horse who was scared of white vehicles, so trying to say thanks, whilst trying to control her could be difficult at times. Then main thing to remember is pass wide and slow, and if the rider directs you to stop, go past faster etc then do it, as they ultimately understand the horse they are riding. I always had a "Caution Young Horse" reflective on as my horse was only 5 and a little bit tempremental at times.

Rants over lol
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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