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I have just spoken with texaco uk techie department about useing such fuel in my car ,basically I was advised not to,as det problems may cause piston crown holes ,the high 99.7 5 star has diffrent addatives to that of super unleaded.
I was advised that super with an octane boost was fine,as magnesium is used in the make up of the boost which dilutes well into sludging build up in the injectors.
If any one disagrees with this I would appreciate a comment.
How ever the advise was for turbo charged motors.


Paul s

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I would advise SUL all the time, even if you only have minor mods.My VI peaks at 1.4 bar and holds 1.25. This is enough to give mild det at the top end even on SUL, hence I use octane booster all the time.All the testing was done using the correct equipment and clearly proved that the octane booster did remove the det.
I feel that a few extra quid per tank is a small price for some safety, all be it a point that some people do not agree with ( a place in Dudley !! ) or somewhere

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