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Hello, this is a very happy chappie conveying to everyone his extreme happiness :):)

Today a few of us went to Powerstation for a few rolling road power runs. It was a great day and on the way home there was a contest for the dirtiest car, all the cars were covered in salt and dirt, hope you cleaned your motors lads !

Anyway, here are the results of today:

1.Rob (Robert) E6 GSR

285 bhp flywheel
204 bhp wheels
265 lbs/ft

Mods: None except grommet removed to achieve higher boost.

2. Andy (Pondy) E5 GSR

289 bhp flywheel
207.5 bhp wheels
262 lbs/ft

Mods: HKS BOV, Blitz filter, Magnex exhaust 1.1 bar boost

3. Baljit (C2GSR) E6 GSR

312 bhp flywheel
224.5 bhp wheels
266 lbs/ft

Mods: HKS BOV, Apex'i downpipe, co-ord de-cat, HKS Super Drager exhaust, HKS filter 1.0 bar boost

4. Lee (LeeLegend) E6 TME

351 bhp flywheel
238 bhp wheels
303 lbs/ft

Mods: HKS BOV, HKS racing suction kit, HKS Hiper exhaust, magnex de-cat, Ralliart ECU, clear side repeaters, 1.4/1.5 bar boost.

5. Barry (Wazuptommi) E6 TME

332 bhp flywheel
227 bhp wheels
308 lbs/ft

Mods: HKS racing suction kit, Fujitsubo exhaust, magnex downpipe and de-cat, Apex'i Super AVC-R and Super AFC, Walbro uprated fuel pump. 1.45 bar boost.

6. Simon (me !!) (Evo Knievel) E4 GSR

374.5 bhp flywheel
285.5 bhp wheels
348 lbs

Mods: GReddy filter, GReddy TD-06L2-20G turbo, tubular manifold, external wastegate, forged pistons, uprated cams, 680cc injectors, uprated fuel pump, oil breather, alloy i/c piping, GReddy boost controller, L.A.P by Boss ECU, NF race formula octane booster, 1.3/1.4 bar boost.

Also, various GTiR's with minor mods showing 240bhp and a standard one showing 221 bhp. Mark Shead came along and put his Integra Type-R on the rollers which produced 197bhp at 8500rpm ! (142bhp @ the wheels).

I will be scanning the above power runs and they will be put on the Mimms site, I'll let everyone know when they're up.

I was well chuffed with my run. Not so much with the 374 bhp @ flywheel, more the 285bhp @ wheels !! REAL POWER :) Also the 348lbs which peaks at 4000rpm, then drops slightly and hold in a flat straight line to 6000rpm/ Well happy :):):):):):):)

Also, Lee recorded my run on his digi camera with a nice view of the manifold glowing cherry red as the run is done. Was a great day with a nice relaxed atmosphere, it shame a few more people didn't come, ther would have enjoyed it.

Ah well, maybe next time !


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Some very *very* interesting results there, no surprise with your power Si'
it certainly felt near 400bhp when I went in it; Lee must be pi55ing his
pants with his results, shows what a better mapped ECU can do !!!!

Wish I could have been there , perhaps ill organise another at Powerstation
for Feb if anyone is up for it.


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One thing about the Ralliart ECU is that the power curve has a few bumps and lumps in it through the midrange, it defo needs some extra work to smooth the power out. You'll see when I scan the power graphs.


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thank you my sweet......

i am chuffed as monkeys, to celebrate i am going to be nice to andy up until christmas ;)


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Big up to all da mimms massive,sum very impressive power outputs.
have to admit im well chuffed with the old mans 312bhp([email protected] wheels)!! thats nearly 30bhp up on stock only running 1 bar and exhaust and filter mods :D :D
great day thanks to Si(one firkin quick motor) for organising and ,Lee(who paid the operator 50 quid for making his bhp come out higher ;) ),Barry(cheers for the lift),Rob(wallace and amp; Gromet removal),evoboy(what do you reckon of the light conversion???),Alexis(one quick Gti-R),Grant(Cameraman and fellow lift blagger),Mark(rev happy integra),Andy(the warmest evo in the country :) ) etc for turning up and helpin to make it an enjoyable day.
soz if this makes no sense(just help my mate make a full bottle of southern comfort vanish :D :D )


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Well I'm not happy at all! 4 BHP and no torque gain for £900! And I froze my bo**oz off!
Only consellation (don't think the spelling's right) is that the Magnex sounded lovely! I reckon my boost's down! Will have to go and see Mark Shead, when I've saved a bit of dosh!

Mind you, my torque curve was good, hitting max at 3800rpm and staying dead flat up to 6500 ish!

Simon, thanks for the day, it was fun! Nice to meet the other South Mimms boys (and girl, before you start on me, Tara). border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Has anyone got the video of Barry playing chicken with the road islands? If so, post it soon.


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Rolling road days..................fantastic !.........................:)

Si M8 ,
Top stuff , orange hot exhaust manifold and turbo , wastegate coughing 2 atmosphere , screamin' exhaust , this is weapons grade fun ;)
U must b well gloated with that result 4 the outlay , yr only a jump away from 400 brake.................which is nice :)

That light conversion looks top , it is projector , will b checking it out 2mrow.

Good 2 c every1 , even tho street and me lost touch with ya on the way 2 lunch , where did ya go dudes ?
Well we stopped at a Little Thief halfway between Chelt and Oxford and letched over the 2 jailbate chebs who served us ;)

Just wish that these rolling road places wud think about some hot drinks and stuff on days that cold.

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You were not 4bhp up, remember the std power output is 276bhp so you were in fact 13bhp up. Rob's car had the grommet removed so was running more boost thats why he got 285bhp.


Sorry about losing you, we lost a couple of the GTiR's as well !! Once we got out of Cheltenham, I was taking every overtaking opportunity I had with Alexis (Cream GTiR) and Lee in tow behind, once we got on the dual carriageway bit on the approach to Oxford, I slowed down to wait for everyone and thought everyone was there, it was only when we pulled into the Burger King we realised we had a few cars missing.

Sorry !!


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Don't care! Grommet costs nowt! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Still fun, though. And I kept up with you lot on the way back, so who cares?

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Only cos I was slowing down to let you catch up :):)

Trust me, your car isn't slow and sounds sweet with the exhaust, filter, bov combo you have. Was a fun drive home !!



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It's SOOO easy to be generous when you are top of the tree! :)

Can't wait to see pics and videos!


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I'll let you off then!!!! heheehe nice to meet u too... and everyone else! Good day out..

Thanks to Si... Nice one (Fell asleep on train home too!!! so sad, LOL)

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looks like I've been missing out on the chat.


Nice one well organised and good fun.


Figures look great....went down on the missus for da muff. looked up to see her dudds and it reminded me of your power graph what i mean ;)


do not take it so hard, life is filled with adversity, each one of us in his own way must learn to deal with dissapointment in a mature and adult fasion.


good to put a face to the banta, you were nearly one of the very privalidged ladies in this country to have had breakfast with me ;)


You still drive like a loon but i luv ya...nearly ate traffic island flat out in 3rd i would have thought?

well worth the 170mile each way trip from me is kin filthy. did get a fuel cut on the m40 comin home playing with a couple of chikadees in a mx5, but it was dropping from 5th to 4th at about 100mph at over 6k revs so i aint to bovvered. Must agree it wouldn't have been to much trouble to put the kettle on.

GTiR boys....nice, nice and mad...get those break lights sorted dudes.


keep up, you were behind me one minute gone the next.

TT driver on m40 get real does it feel to be boxed in by three evo's

Merc 55 might have 5.4 litres and 350 brake but cant leave qa standard six on kick down ha aha hahhahahahah

once banana

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mate, last time i was down on your wife, she said you seemed a bit distracted, may be it was my large boost that was putting you off :)

intemidating the TT was one of the best parts of the day, me up his arse (???), you to the right and simon in front, then to round it off alexis nearly crashed into him.....:)


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This is appalling behaviour. YOu would never catch me road racing :D

Shame I missed the day (had to sodding work!!) - would have had the biggest numbers too (with my M5 :D)

Nice one Simon, turn the boost up and you will be frightening me! Don't worry, my TD06L2-20G is coming any day now!

When you going to get on the track boy? It's all very well driving fast on the road - you shud join the rest of us on a trackday :D

Looking 4ward to seeing yer mota at some point.

P.S. Does Tara snore in her sleep??

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Very funny post! made me smile! First time since Saturday about 10am ;)

I'm surprised you could tell which way round a TT is! M40 is good for to*sers, I use it all the time!
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