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hello there just picked up a mr320 last week and was just wondering what are the first mods any off you guys recomend.ive been reading thru some off the threads and noticed the exhuast and ecu seemned to be the best place to start.can i get these parts from my local dealer as a dealer fit? what sort of prices are we talking to change the exhuast system parts and ecu.sorry if this maybe common knowledge to most of you but im just starting out with the evo thing.
im addicted already!
any help would be appreciated

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welcome matey. :)

I would start off,as you say with exhaust and filter (blitz,hks)
Blitz exhaust £500,filter 200 ish

Then i would fit a uprated fuel pump and a boost controller (avc-r) £300,or uprated ecu,500-1000.Anti lag sir??

Uprated plugs as well probably.£80.

There is no way i would go to a dealer for this! 1.they wouldnt have any of these parts in stock.....and 2. if they got them for you then they would sting you big time to fit them.Try any of the companies on here( they are evo specialists,not some spotty faced apprentice working on your pride and joy)

What about warranty too???

If your not arsed about the warranty then go for it.

With that lot,you should be pushin 380bhp ish! :D :D
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