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Bit of a long shot - are there any chippies/kitchen fitters, etc that have a 30mm Router bush/guide to fit a Ryobi RE601 router?

I need to buy or borrow one thursday till Monday this weekend?
If anyone has one they're happy to lend me, I'll pay recorded postage bothways and will be very appreciative.

Or better still if anyone knows somewhere online that sells them they can point me to?

I have seen the Trend Unibase and Trend 30mm adapter on Fleabay, but would prefer the real mccoy (for my router I mean)

To really push my luck, if you have a biscuit cutter attachment for the router that you'd be willing to lend that'd put the icing on the cake for me!

I'm just near Gatwick, West Sussex if anyone is nearish, and I'll drive over and collect, instead of taking the time and effort to post it.

Cheers guys and gals,

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