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No technical reason I'm aware of but they are listed by United Nations Resolution 493 as a 'Heinous crime against all humanity'.

Don't do it!

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Don't be put off by what everyone is saying, if you like em, fit em, after all it’s your car and you have to drive it.

There are also other things to consider, like cost and weight, if I were offered a set of 3 spokes that weigh bugger all for a stupidly cheap amount of cash I'd buy them, sure I might only use em for track days but I'd not say no to them.

Since I doubt there is any technical reason not to fit them, you decide for yourself.

Now if you'd have asked if people liked them or not, that's a different question, personally I don't, I think they don't suite the EVO (or any other car) :D

Be a man and don't bow to peer pressure!

Long live freedom, viva los revolution!

El Capitan Diego San Julio III

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Personally - can't stand them.

And I from an engineering viewpoint weaker than multispoke.
Haven't seen too many F1 or WRC cars on 3 spokes.

Gimme Enkei WRC lookalike any day.

However - each to his own....

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I had em on my old BMX. Bright yellow they were. Allegedly you could buckle them and freeze them to straighten them up. Pitty you can't do that with car wheels.


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Thanks for your input!...
i'll...i mean my friend appreciates your comments and will have to make his own choice!
If only all things in life where so easy..

just one more question...

what larger size rim and tyre can be fitted with out any 'other' mods on my E4 without looking stupid (with or without the 3 spoke ;))?

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