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2ltr or stroker

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Hey guys just bought a evo tme rs with a blown engine so I am am having an engine build.
Just wondering should i stay 2ltr or go 2.3.
I only plan on running a 9 turbo or evo green.
The tme rs has the shortest box available so I dont want to go too high on power.

What do ya reckon?
1 - 4 of 71 Posts far as the MLR sprints go.....a stroker kit will keep you in a seperate class to Knoxville:crackup:
Hey Kenny, you do know Knox has just gone stroker? It's all very hush hush atm.
Right I'm keeping mine standard...class 1. Anyone wanna buy a 2.4 kit?:crackup:
Don't be such a pussy, scared of a bit of competition in your class? :lol:

Besides, MT will win class 1. ;)
No I was joking, I'm in class 4. Not much competition there aye.

Let's see how the green goes on a 2.4. Don't think anyone else has been daft enough to do that yet:shake:
Have you bought the green?
Yes due to funding not choice. The GT 35 or whatever will have to come later if I can be bothered.
Where you get it from Indigo GT?
1 - 4 of 71 Posts
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