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Hi Guys

I saw a damaged Lancer on a salvage auction site and it looked decent so thought to have a little go to see if I could get it for the right price

Put on a little bid and got it for very little!
I got it collected from Bristol by a friend who does recoveries and transportation and here is how i got it.

As you can see, it has had a rear end hit and was registered as a Cat C so would need a VIC test. I looks worse than it is and there is no damage to the boot floor so started looking for parts for it.

I found a scrap yard on ebay who had a grey Lancer they were breaking and they wanted £150 for the rear bumper and £250 for the boot lid! Thought his was a bit pricey so carried on and waited.
I found a guy breaking an EVO X in the same colour as mine and had the bootlid on for £125 inc delivery (without the spoiler but mine was fine) so went for it.
Got it on the car and looked pretty good!

I quite like the look of it without the spoiler but i think it still needs it.

By chance i saw a bumper on ebay for £25 plus postage so snapped it up as quick as possible.. BARGAIN!!

Next i needed the passenger side rear light from the body as mine had been broken. Really struggled to find one and was going to have to get one from the dealers at £65+VAT when i landed on a set of aftermarket Smoked LED rear lights. These were about £100 so thought might as well get these and will sell on the rest of my genuine ones (For sale if anyone needs them! :naughty: )

I spoke to a local garage and they booked it in for painting and straightening up. In the meantime, i thought to upgrade some of the lighting for a laugh.
First came the sidelights


Got me some cheap yellow foglight bulbs



Cant tell properly in day light and on pix but can see the difference when looking at it in person.

Next came the HIDs. Got a cheap set from ebay. Had them before and they have been spot on.
Before with standard bulbs

After with HIDs

Got it back from the Garage!

They fitted the rear lights too and they look spot on! Adds a nice modern touch to it.. not a big fan of the clear/Lexus light look :rotz:

Got the garage to remove the front plate and paint the middle strip black so i could move the plate to the side for an EVO X look :D

I called the dealers up and ordered a front number plate bracket for an EVO X (about £30) and when it arrived i got this...

Import spec bracket meant Import spec number plate so got one ordered and here it is fitted!

Thats where i am up to with it now.
Had its VIC test today and passed so officially on the road now!

Hoping to learn lots from you guys!

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