2005 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII MR FQ 340

As many have said before, I think its time to part with my pride and joy. I purchased the car in May 2007 with 6000 miles, totally standard and one previous owner. The car wasn't purchased to be a "daily driver" so it spent the first three years in my grandads garage only being used on a weekend or the occasional sunny day. The only time this car sees any rain is if I am caught out on a day trip or at a car show, the car doesn't get used from September until April/May (except for service and MOT on the same day) it is covered in my garage with a trickle charger attached. The car has been very well looked after and cared for, I have a folder full of receipts for everything I have bought for the car from tyres, window wipers, new battery etc. etc., plus all carbon fibre and other modifications. I have the hand over paper work to the original owner, my original sales invoice for the car and every invoice for servicing and having parts fitted. For the first six/seven years the car was serviced and looked after by Xtreme, as we all know this was the home of Ralliart and I was lucky enough to live less than 10 minutes away. When Xtreme closed in 2013 (according to my service book) the obvious choice for me was to take my car to Chris at C1R, the background & knowledge this man has is very well respected and as a bonus he was only two minutes further down the road. I joined the MLR forum in 2008 and very quickly got the urge for a little more power. I decided on the Ecutek Package from RC Developments, all parts were fitted and the mapping done by Andy Clark who now runs his own successful company at AC Speedtech / High Power Performance Car Tuning Specialists the car returned a very healthy 424.9 bhp (atf) and I think about 370/380 lbft torque ( see graph) At this point I have to say from the day Andy mapped it, my car has never once coughed, spluttered, missed a beat or let me down in any way which is a testament to Andy's mapping. After the power increase I had a brake a upgrade, suspension upgrade, carbon fibre parts, Defi gauges fitted, IX rear bumper, a detail by Paul at PW Pro and so on (full spec list below) The car is always washed/polished after a day out or before every show using two bucket method and cleaning products from Auto Finesse and Meguiars, as like many other car enthusiasts its my pride and joy and I like to look after it. As you will see by the service intervals the car doesn't do many miles, in fact it gets less and less every year, as of today the mileage sits at 28,743 and wont increase unless out for a test drive with a potential buyer. The car is ALWAYS warmed up before any play time and cooled down well before I get home and has always been run on Shell optimax/V power. Three weeks ago I had all four wheels fully refurbished as two had very slight blisters starting to appear and on the 2/3rd of June the car was at Onyx Home for a full detail and ceramic coating.

I have 30 stamps in the book, one from previous owner by Ralliart at 4602 miles then the rest from me by Xtreme/C1R

9.8.06 Ralliart 4602 miles
16.5.07 Xtreme 6604 miles
15.11.07 Xtreme 9222 miles
15.5.08 Xtreme 11,275 miles
11.11.08 Xtreme 13,646 miles
11.5.09 Xtreme 15,344 miles
13.11.09 Xtreme 16,770 miles
11.5.10 Xtreme 17,830 miles (Timing belt changed)
19.11.10 Xtreme 20,098 miles
17.5.11 Xtreme 20,538 miles
15.11.11 Xtreme 21,060 miles
17.5.12 Xtreme 21,333 miles
15.11.12 Xtreme 21,630 miles
22.5.13 Xtreme 22,095 miles
12.11.13 C1R 23,002 miles
15.5.14 C1R 23,442 miles
20.11.14 C1R 24,398 miles
7.5.15 C1R 24,407 miles
11.11.15 C1R 25,211 miles (Timing belt changed)
15.6.16 C1R 25,563 miles
3.11.16 C1R 26,053 miles
15.5.17 C1R 26,143 miles
17.11.17 C1R 27,034 miles
10.5.18 C1R 27,047 miles
Missed the winter service, I was in the USA for three months car only did 250 miles all year
8.5.19 C1R 27,296 miles
8.11.19 C1R 27,930 miles
Missed spring service, back in the USA getting married car only did 130 miles all year
23.10.20 C1R 28,066 miles (Timing belt changed)
6.8.21 C1R 28,105 miles
29.11.21 C1R 28,394 miles
12.5.22 C1R 28,529 miles

RC Ecutek Package
Downpipe and full stainless exhaust
Apexi Induction kit
Walbro fuel pump
Set of plugs
AVCR boost controller
Ecutek remap @ 424.9hp atf 375 ish lbft
Stainless De-cat pipe (not sure if this was part of the package or fitted at later date)
Aps blow off valve (not part of the ecutek package)

Performance Friction two piece front discs
Carbotech XP8 fast road pads (front and rear)
Goodridge braided brake hoses flushed with competition brake fluid
Calipers stripped/refreshed and sprayed silver
Cusco three point front strut brace with integrated brake stopper kit
Eibach lowering springs
Four wheel geometry set to fast road

Standard MR 17" wheels (fully refurbished three weeks ago)
Bridgestone Potenza 235/45/17 ZR tyres

Body/Carbon Fiber:
Seibon CW II Carbon Fibre Bonnet
Rexpeed Type D carbon Fibre front splitter
Rexpeed Carbon Fibre front bumper Air Ducts
Rexpeed Carbon Fibre Pillar Trim
Rexpeed Carbon Fibre J panels
Rexpeed Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers
Rexpeed carbon Fibre Fuel Cover
Rexpeed Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper Extensions (Evo IX)
Rexpeed Carbon Fibre Boot Spoiler Extension
Rexpeed Carbon Fibre Side Spats
Rexpeed Carbon Fibre Bonnet Lifters
Genuine Mitsubishi Carbon Fibre Vortex Generator
Genuine DAMD Carbon Fibre side skirt extensions
Carbon Fibre boot lettering
Carbon Fibre front & rear Mitsubishi badges
Carbon Fibre Evo IX rear diffuser
Evo IX rear bumper
Front Bumper resprayed couple of years ago after removal of side canards
Mirrors and door handles sprayed black
Windows tinted all round and sun strip on window screen
Ralliart Mud Flaps
Genuine Mitsubishi wind deflectors

Standard MR 340 half leather seats (no marks or rips)
Air con fully working
3 x Defi Gauges in a pod on dash (oil temp, oil pressure, boost)
Defi control unit
AVCR boost controller
Ralliart mats front and rear
Kenwood CD/radio (bit dated to todays standards but works fine)

Cat 1 alarm/Immobiliser
Tracker fitted and active (yearly subscription)

The car is listed at Mitsubishi for the passenger air bag recall, personally I don't have much faith in main dealers and don't want them pulling my dash off, on the plus side I don't use that seat (lol) and always inform the passenger of the issue if I have one.

The cars current MOT runs out on 28.11.2022, I have the original cat for the exhaust/MOT that will come with the car. I also have the original bonnet, rear bumper, the original airbox along with some carbon parts should you want to do a deal on these.

If you want to speak to Chris at C1R for any more information about the car he has kindly offered to answer any questions you may have.

I don't know how to upload pics on here, so I have opened an Instagram account as that seems to be the most popular place these days (link below) there's a few random ones through my ownership from the day I went to view (and consequently buy) the car, right through to collecting the car from Onyx Automotive a couple of weeks ago after the detail and ceramic coating, I also took some at the last service of underneath while the car was on the ramp and a couple of the rolling road graphs after the Ecutek package.

Link to pics > Login • Instagram

I am based in the West Midlands (Dudley) you can pm me on here or email me [email protected] for any more information. I have been watching the forum for some time now along with Auto Trader/Piston Heads etc., with the low mileage, the history and all round condition of the car I'm asking £40.000 I might be tempted by sensible offers but I certainly won't be giving the car away, I could very easily just leave it covered up in the garage.