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2 PC problems............ grrr

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ok first one

i have created various RULES in Outlook (not express) to send email to various folders and filter spam. All well and good BUT its making duplicates of pretty much everything and all i told it to do was MOVE files to folders

Second prob.

on another PC when you tell it to shut down it just hangs for ages (5mins ish) then will eventually start closing down. Its a game rig pretty beefy XP service pack2, virus checked, firewalled, bot check, Ad checked.............. any ideas? :(


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The second one sounds like one of the services is either being kept busy or is failing to stop. I'd look at a mass driver update, especially networking and chipset (motherboard) related. There may not be newer drivers available but sometimes even a reinstall of the same drivers can clear that kind of issue up, if one of the driver files has become slightly corrupt.

The first issue I haven't come across before, which rule type are you using (sender based or content based?).
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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