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My car is in for the 1st service with my local Mitsubishi dealer in Colchester.

They gave me a copy of the Ralliart service checklist for points that will be looked at/changed etc.

They mentioned that they will be putting a semi synthetic oil (Shell) in for this service as Ralliart do not recommend fully synthetic until the 4500 service, anyone know why this is?

Also, price wise I was told there are standard fees for the servicing, I was quoted £125 for this 1st,600 mile service, car now done 1800 in two and a half weeks, does this sound about right?

Does anybody know where I can get a service book, I was given an owners manual for the Evo VI from the importer I bought from. I asked the dealer if they could supply and they said not, bit of a surprise as they are happy to service the car etc.
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