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170mph POLICE

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Hi all, what would you do if you went past the old bill at 170mph on the motorway STOP OR CARRY ON?? good job i dont have my plate on as this is what me and a mate just done :eek: :eek: did not see them in time :crackup:

GSXR1000Z :coolsm:

Oh and we just kept going :moon:
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martincarew said:
Sorry to be kill joy but I wouldnt have been doing that sort of speed on a public road - motorway or otherwise! Police wouldnt give chase at that kind of silly speed anyway.

There are plenty of trackdays and airfields around for that sort of speed where the risks are not so great and fewer, if any at all, lives are at risk.

The Police would not need a plate. A simple check with the Police computer, connected to the DVLA's network and they can get a list of cars/bikes owned in the area by colour/make etc. Then its just a case of finding you. Sadly to say that if the cop car was equipped with on-board camera its just a case of matching any distinguishing marks/wheels or features on the car/bike and they gotcha!!
oh aye, and that will stand up in court wont it???
christ here we feckin go again, the non bikers having a go for doing big speeds down a straight road. sanctimonious shite. i dont believe for one minute that the vast majority of you havnt at least seen 150mph in your evos or whatever. as for doing 170mph plus or whatever down a straight road with low traffic endangering other road users, what a complete lot of pish.
btw getting back to the original question i dont and wouldnt stop if spotted by the cops travelling at that speed (the very few times ive done it) why bother? they ban you for doing 100mph no matter what the conditions and id lose my business house etc and go to jail so why give them the satisfaction?
looking forward to hopping it up on the back wheel later today down a nice quiet stretch and maybe break the speed limit, shocking isnt it :eek:
Beastie said:
The police very nearly do this speed on a public road!
just read this and what can you say?.... just the sort of self righteous prick that pulls you over for next to **** all and speaks to you like a a school teacher. and why do so many of them have moustaches/beards? god i hate them :mad:
pvm said:
you really have to be a complete idiot to do 170mph on the public highway and think "if (you) can actually drive/ride, this isnt a problem".

you will normally get away with it, but it is extremely dangerous with other innocent road users lives.

even really good race drivers...gilles villeneuve, dale earnhardt, joey dunlop, randy mamola, etc etc etc etc have come unstuck even in safer environments and with lots of skill.

sorry to keep stirring this but i just re read your post, do you wear a pullover? tank top? member of brake? or are you just an uptight fud?
martincarew said:
What a nice bunch you biker boys are!! Sadly it is people with this sad attitude that ruin the reputation of other fairly sensible motorcyclists who enjoy the bike rather than how fast it goes!

Just remember that when you slam into the side of another road user and send them into a coma before they eventually pass away some months later having caused immense trauma to the family members they leave behind and a whole host of ruined lives.

Personally if you choose 2 wheels and a set of dead cows skin for protection over 4 wheels and a metal cage then ya must be mad but remember that the 2 wheeled torpedo will kill regardless of your 'driving abillity' at that sort of ridiculous speed
yeah right mate, ride a triumph do you? bet you have a beard as well am i right? the simple fact that you refer to bikers as motorcyclists is worrying in itself. oh and "road user" another eye opener there i think.
believe it or not i enjoy my, cue john major voice "motorcycle" for many reasons and not just its top speed performance. bet you have never broken any speed limits by a big margin taken your car for a good blast down a country road and risked hitting some cow **** round that cracking tight right hander eh?
"two wheeled torpedo" rofpmsl ****!
martincarew said:
FYI check my old car out:

No beard, not as sad as you may think just adverse to the '**** strain' of bikers after one of those muppets slammed into my grandads car at 165mph at 3pm on the Wirral a few years back. Sadly a perfectly healthy member of my family was comatosed as a result.

Yes I'm sure I break the speed limit from time to time but not by such ridiculous margins and certainly not in built up areas.

Cheers for the insults - nice to see we're all so grown up and responsible eh?!
whats your point?? i never break speed limits in built up areas either and only by a margin i feel it is safe to do so by.
sorry to hear about your grandad but dont instantly presume i ride or drive like an idiot just cause i make it clear im sick of people geting all self righteous whenever bikers are mentioned, as for being grown up and responsible, ride a bike and see how many **** car drivers you have to contend with within the first 5 miles of your house and see how you feel about us muppet bikers then. honestly go and buy a metro and join brake.
oh and what point are you making telling me to look at your smashed car? :confused:
sims said:
I think you're one of the biggest ***** on the MLR - and thats saying something recently.

Shame you chav [email protected] can afford these cars now. Hence I no longer own one and gave up my work on this club.

penis. :rolleyes:
who is this aimed at then? if its that bad why you here?
PFC said:
This is an emotive issue. With fuel poured on the fire by the simplistic soundbite "Speed Kills"

That soundbite is clearly open to question.

Drive down a road at 20, 30, 50, 50, 70, 100, or 200 MPH without having an "accident" and there are no victims.

Drive down the same road , it really doesn't matter where it is for the sake of this point, at 20, 30, 50, 50, 70, 100, or 200 MPH and have an "accident" and instantly you have victims.

I agree fully that as the speed increases the consequences to the victims are likely to be much higher but the above does illustrate that speed on its own is not a problem.

What has happened in recent years is that a direct correlation between speed and the likelihood of having and accident has been made. Basically the arguement here is that the faster you go the more likley you are to have an "accident". This is the point that is more subjective and many believe their is little or no scientific basis for that to support the correlation.

The equations are simple.

Speed + accident = victims

Speed + no accident = No victims

no speed + accident = victims.

If you could eradicate the accidents from the worlds roads you have no victims.

I'm not saying that everyone should drive everywhere without limits purely because it is unrealistic to remove "accidents". All I am saying is that there is more that just speed involved when it comes to producing victims.

exactly, shame so many people buy into the "speed kills" ******** so easily really.
Re: yawn....

daddyone said:
i have just spent the last half hour reading this post and many others, following upgrading myself to a full membership, which i have been meaning to do for some time.

A few things strike me as strange....

I have frequented many owners club bbs forums, for example, RSOC (Sierra Cossy), GTIROC (Pulsar), Scoobynet (Once a good place, until scoobs became like arse holes)..... GTR.CO.UK (then i realised i couldnt afford an R34 V Spec :D) lol.

My observation was that these places were all full of a mix of people all after a number of things. Be it technical help, banter, a heated discussion, showing off pictures, buying/selling things, sharing knowledge, or just complete useless ***** (aka muppet forum, scoobynet)

When a discussion like this arises, i watch and hold my opinions to myself.

As a 24 year old who has been banned on 5 seperate occasions, for speeding i might add, i am no angel. (i actually narrowly escaped a custodial sentence at a speed not far off the biker who first started this thread). As part of a conditional court arrangement to keep me out of jail, I completed a both an IAM (institute of advanced motorists) course and a RAID course in line with police pursuit drivers. It was the view of the court that education would help reduce the likelihood of me endangering someone elses life, as it had already been proven that i would not necessarily calm down following a the dishing out of points on my licence.

The point of my story is:-

The IAM course not only taught me how to really drive a vehicle, but took the wind out of my sails regarding right foot planting and its appropriate use. (or throttle hand for that matter). I still, although with far more appropriate use due to risk awareness training, continue to play with my car (E6 GSR, standard so far... only had it one month). The fact that i was accosted by an Armed Response Unit driver (off duty) in a petrol station following a rather spirited play on a nearby A road and asked "are you in the 'Force, where did you train" told me something......

So to all the people who are modifying their cars to the hilt and worrying about more bhp etc like i myself am guilty of, please learn to handle the 280bhp standard properly first and then fill yer boots!!!

And one last thing to Mr. BMW 645...... Please dont knock someone who is (evidently) capable of handling a motorbike (i say evidently as he is still alive and undamaged). I have the utmost respect for those people who play on bikes and would say that in my experience, they are far less likely to get into an accident due to their incompetence. Has anyone here ever considered how safety conscious you must be when the majority of strokers on the road in cars pull out on a bike without looking, and show absolutely no respect for a bredd which is undountably both one of the most safety conscious and vulnerable of road users..........

have fun, stay safe, take calculated risks and live as long and prosperous life.

to anyone who thinks i have babbled on too long, or attempted to pull rank, i apologise.

For the record, an answer to the fericiously opposed question, I kept going, **** stopping when i was already in the **** anyway.... lol
like i said, if all those that prattle on about dangerous bikers had to ride a bike for a month then their driving and awareness would increase dramatically. they also wouldnt be so quick to critisise s "motorcyclists" from their ivory tower.
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