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170mph POLICE

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Hi all, what would you do if you went past the old bill at 170mph on the motorway STOP OR CARRY ON?? good job i dont have my plate on as this is what me and a mate just done :eek: :eek: did not see them in time :crackup:

GSXR1000Z :coolsm:

Oh and we just kept going :moon:
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Sorry to be kill joy but I wouldnt have been doing that sort of speed on a public road - motorway or otherwise! Police wouldnt give chase at that kind of silly speed anyway.

There are plenty of trackdays and airfields around for that sort of speed where the risks are not so great and fewer, if any at all, lives are at risk.

The Police would not need a plate. A simple check with the Police computer, connected to the DVLA's network and they can get a list of cars/bikes owned in the area by colour/make etc. Then its just a case of finding you. Sadly to say that if the cop car was equipped with on-board camera its just a case of matching any distinguishing marks/wheels or features on the car/bike and they gotcha!!
What a nice bunch you biker boys are!! Sadly it is people with this sad attitude that ruin the reputation of other fairly sensible motorcyclists who enjoy the bike rather than how fast it goes!

Just remember that when you slam into the side of another road user and send them into a coma before they eventually pass away some months later having caused immense trauma to the family members they leave behind and a whole host of ruined lives.

Personally if you choose 2 wheels and a set of dead cows skin for protection over 4 wheels and a metal cage then ya must be mad but remember that the 2 wheeled torpedo will kill regardless of your 'driving abillity' at that sort of ridiculous speed
FYI check my old car out:

No beard, not as sad as you may think just adverse to the '**** strain' of bikers after one of those muppets slammed into my grandads car at 165mph at 3pm on the Wirral a few years back. Sadly a perfectly healthy member of my family was comatosed as a result.

Yes I'm sure I break the speed limit from time to time but not by such ridiculous margins and certainly not in built up areas.

Cheers for the insults - nice to see we're all so grown up and responsible eh?!
This is gettin a little silly!!

You have your views as I have mine. I get self righteous where silly speeds are concerned especially bikes for obvious reasons.

What you or anyone else does with their lives is entirely your own business. The smashed up car is as a result of 'carefull driving' which was my point in saying you can never be too carefull.

If you read my entries on this thread not once does it call you or label you with any thing.
I agree completely but there is a link between speed and the "amount of injury".

The faster the speed, the higher the chances become of sustaining nasty or fatal injuriesin an accident.

ie: slap someone gently and it may leave a red mark but punch someone with everything you've got and the chances of broken noses, cheek bones etc and knocking them unconcious are much higher. Simple logic really so in essense the higher the speed involved in an accident the higher the chances of death.

So yes speed kills
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