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170mph POLICE

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Hi all, what would you do if you went past the old bill at 170mph on the motorway STOP OR CARRY ON?? good job i dont have my plate on as this is what me and a mate just done :eek: :eek: did not see them in time :crackup:

GSXR1000Z :coolsm:

Oh and we just kept going :moon:
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That nowt man, not even close, kids stuff innit!

Me and me main man were cruizin the strip the other night and we sped past the Rozzers man - we were avin it large I tell yer - went past the filth so fast we did a sonic boom man - I swear it - we went past the sound barrier ..... either that or some serious sub bass erupted from my mega ICE install and we SPL'ed them to death!

It was massiv man
Gods honest truth.

Ave It
Dark Destroyer said:
Babysitting 2nite Steve?
Fraid So!

The Missus has gone off to Celtic Manor in South Wales with her girly mates for a pamper day / girly night! - Been stuck with two sprogs since 10am today - till mid afternoon Sunday! :(

Cant even get p1ssed because I'm on drugs after an operation earlier this week!
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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