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Which wheel width and offset can I go with to stop my rear arches scrubbing the tyres?
My Evo 4RS is fitted with 17x8 Super Tourismos, not sure on the offset and the lip under the rear arch has been cut away at the top. I would like to change the wheels to improve the looks and perhaps lower the suspension. What width of rim should I use (7 or 7 1/2 ) to help prevent the rear arches scrubbing under cornering with passengers in the car and if I lower it? I read that the correct offset is 46 but 44 0r 45 might do.
any help is appreciated. Post reply or Email to [email protected]


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Hoolio, you have mail!!

Check out the previous thread 17' wheel for Evo4 posted 14-4-01 in the Tecnical posts, all the advise and help you'll need, I think??

No worries,

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