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Finally got my EVC working, apparently there was a leak on the vaccum hose. Now, I cranked the boost up about past half way using the knob, meaning the car hits about 1.45 to 1.5 bar on the boost gauge. I've ran it today consistently for an hour and didn't experience any fuel cuts. Should I consider my E5 special in any way? As far as I know, nothing is been done to the ecu. Do the cuts creep up on you when you begin to drive it more often on this selected boost level, or it's something you notice right away? What's a safe boost level to run without compromising the stock internals?


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It's all about the MASS of air that the engine is breathing and not boost level that causes fuel cuts.
The engine calculates the mass of air from the airflow meter and the outside air pressure sensor. If it is a very warm day then the air will be less dense and so to get a fuel cut will require a higher boost level.

What you should try is leave the settings alone and then go for a run out in the middle of the night and see if you get fuel cuts. 1.45 bar in a cold climate will definitely give fuel cuts and so that way you will be able to see if there has been anything else done to the car that you don't know about.

As for safe boost levels on stock internals, Ralliart recommend no more than 1.3 bar, I think but some people have ran up to 1.5 bar with no problems. I guess it depends on how lucky you feel.

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