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Hi All,

I hope you can help. I have an EVO X 300 SST which has a gearbox issue. Basically it changes gears very harshly under heavy revs and slips. It works OK when using the paddle shift but its not right and needs to be looked at. I know that Indigo GT are the specialists but they are in Wales and I am in Milton Keynes.

Can anyone recommend a specialist in or around Buckinghamshire that would be able to look at the car.

Thanks in advance.


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There are a few things that can cause these issues and all need to be checked but here are some ideas

  • Bad Map (this is the singular biggest killer of SST boxes)
  • Needs service and or reteach
  • Mech Unit needs an overhaul
  • Wrong oil used
  • Worn clutches
  • Sensor issues

There are other things but once they start it is usually time for an overhaul.

The thing with the SST that is vitally important is prevention is better than cure.

  • Service every 2 years or 20k
  • Pick your mapper wisely or budget an overhaul and another map
  • Have a reteach with service
  • Let it warm up before driving hard
  • Don't Launch
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