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Daughters purple 1.3 Ford Ka Collection. 50K on clock. 2 new tyres on front, recently serviced.

Ran low on coolant due to a leaking coolant pipe, overheated and think it warped the head slightly, according to mechanic. Originally it was thought to have a dodgy coil pack due to an occasional misfire. However misfire is gone. So not 100% sure the gasket has gone.

Still drives OK, but not sure how far I would trust it. It doesn't overheat and I drove it from south Wales to London with no issues.

MOT until Feb 18.
Serviced Feb 17 by Kwikfit.
2 new tyres on front.
Half a a tank of fuel in it.
2 keys

Has a dent on rear drivers quarter where it rubbed up against a bollard. Easy enough to pop and touch up.


Seems a shame to scrap a car that was going great.

PM me on here if interested.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts