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03 VIII FQ300

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Guys, time has come to sell the car unfortunately.

Yellow Evo VIII FQ300 UK car - May 2003.
Around 36.600 miles, full Ralliart service history.
Originally the dealer show car, but has been owned by me since Sept 2003.

Car is standard UK FQ300 spec, with a few subtle modifications:

De-cat centre pipe;
Aluminium sill protectors;
PSI3 data monitor;
Leather/alcantara seat option (FQ300 stitched into back of seat);
Sony 10 disc CD unit;
Ralliart mudflaps;
EV03 MAD plate available at additional cost.

Original parts are also included where applicable.

Dyno-ed at G-Force at 335bhp in 2004.

Price reduced to £16,000.

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Anyone fancy making me an offer?
Would you be willing to move much on the price?

PM me if you prefer :)
Bump for price reduction to £16,000.
What is the ECU monitor below the stereo?
Monitors the information coming out of the ECU and other parts, depending on what it is connected to. Mins is simply linked to the ECU so monitors info within the ECU.

Have a look here -
Despite some interest, this is still available. Will no doubt be replacing the rear pads and tyres very soon as I need to use it until it sells.
Have just put on two new tyres and a set of fresh rear brake pads.
Is it coz I is yellow :crackup:

Without doubt the best colour for an 8 guys :cool:
KARL W said:
Mines Black!

And still for sale :confused:
Tricky, maybe there is more to it then :confused:
looks great mate... just got to hear from my insurance company about my 260.... fingers crossed... might make an offer when i hear ok pal..
Managed to get out in between the showers and take a few more pics...

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