With a very heavy heart I must now sell my beloved Evo that I have owned since import in 2007. The base is a Lancer Evolution 5 GSR and although it has over 140k on the clock the significant modifications do not carry that mileage. This would make an ideal track or rally car for someone or just a road going monster as I still use it. With a fully forged engine, modified evo 9 turbo and nitrous oxide kit kit will give 460BHP and 540lbft of torque (dyno to prove). It has effectively x4 power settings:
  1. is Apexi controller off so on actuator giving factory 280BHP
  2. is Apexi setting A giving 360BHP
  3. is Apexi setting B giving 400BHP
  4. and when the 100shot of NoS is engaged you get the full 460 plus the amazing amount of torque.
The NoS is controlled by a standalone NoS controller ensuring the delivery is safe. The car is not polished every weekend, I use it for car shows to display the business and track days. It has had welding to the rear in the usual places these suffer corrosion but is generally sound. It currently has graphics on it for my business but these can be removed prior to sale if the buyer prefers. If asking price is paid all the spares listed below worth around £5k are included, if I am negotiated with then I will keep them and sell them separately. Here are the details:
  • 1998 Imported Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 GSR
  • VRN: P849 EVO (private plate sold with the car, worth £1500)
  • Annual Mileage: <2k
  • Power 460BHP
  • Torque: 540lbft
  • Tax: £309 per year
  • MOT: April 2023
  • Security: Cobra Traq Q tracker system (currently unsubscribed) and Cobra Thatacham immobiliser.
Under the bonnet
  • Fully forged engine built by Dave Coe in 2017 rated to 600BHP with Wiseco 1400 forged pistons, Oliver Extream BiltCon Rod set, ARP head studs and bolts, high performance coil packs, Cosworth gaskets, AMS baffled sump, Cosworth Cambelt / Timing Belt Kit, Cosworth main bearing, Cosworth thrust bearing, Cosworth 86mm bore, NASCAR 4G63 forged crank, ACL big end bearings (changed every 10k miles). Engine has done 22k miles. Oil changed every 2k miles or after a trackday whichever was sooner.
  • Evo 9 GSR turbo with actuator. Turbo refurbished by Turbo Dynamics with lightened impeller
  • Koyo aluminium radiator
  • HEL oil cooler and braided lines
  • RC Engineering 750CC Injectors
  • Forge Motorsport 34mm Split Recirculation and Blow Off valve
  • Forge Motorsport exhaust heatshield
  • Stainless steel plug cover
  • Hydraulic cambelt tensioner
  • Evo 9 GSR turbo connection kit
  • Clear cam pulley cover
  • HKS mushroom intake induction and very rare hard pipe kit
  • AMS intercooler and hard pipes
  • Engine damper
  • Blox roll stopper
  • SFS Coolant Hose Set
  • Nitrous wet kit (11Lb bottle in boot) with transducer control
  • Mongoose 3” stainless steel turbo back exhaust.
  • De-cat
  • Boost control solenoid (Apexi)
Chassis, transmission, braking & Suspension
  • RS rear diff, AYC delete
  • Evo 6 5 speed gearbox, recently installed only 30k miles on it. Never launched
  • ACT racing clutch (rate to 600lbft) and lightened flywheel – 2k miles on it. Never launched
  • K-Sport 8 pot front big brake kit with DS2500 pads (4000 miles ago)
  • Rear OE Brembo brakes and pads
  • Swave SUMMIT chassis brace (only one ever made)
  • Cusco Front strut brace
  • Rear chassis bar in boot
  • Whiteline anti roll bars front and rear
  • BC equivalent (before the company named BC) tension adjustable coilovers
  • 30mm spacers
  • 2 x Sparco race seats on original rails so can be adjusted
  • Harnesses and original seat belts for daily use
  • OMP Steering wheel with removable boss kit
  • Glo-dial replacement dials
  • Blue LED replacements in panel lights
  • Carbon dash surround
  • Carbon AC surround
  • Carbon kick panels
  • AEM wideband AFR gauge
  • Dash mounted cluster pod with 3x60mm gauges
  • NoS pressure gauge
  • Apexi AVC-R boost controller
  • Max Extreme progressive Nitrous Controller
  • Original Ralliart gear knob
  • Horn on button, no drivers airbag
  • 2 x Firesticks
  • 1 x Fire extinguisher
  • Aircon has been removed
  • DAB radio with Bluetooth, CD player and USB input. Uprated speakers and removable subwoofer in boot.
  • 11lb NoS bottle with connections for transducer and pressure gauge
  • Sub-wwoofer
  • Ralliart mat
  • Original space saver wheel and tool kit
  • Fire blanket
  • Smoked rear light clusters
  • One-piece headlights with LED conversion
  • Smoked repeaters
  • Tinted windows. Rear needs replacing as bubbling
  • Paintwork is in reasonable condition, some love would bring it back nicely
  • DAMD front bumper
  • Carbon spoiler blade
  • Carbon roof vortex generator
  • Carbon bonnet duct
  • Carbon Fibre M3 style electric wing mirrors (very rare)
  • 3M carbon vinyl on roof and boot
  • Wheels refurbished in graphite metallic black with Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres
  • Ralliart mudflaps
  • A breathable custom fit weatherproof cover worth over £300
Work needed:
  • Rear bumper touch-up
  • Rear quarter panel touch-up
  • Rear window tint replacement
  • Minor corrosion work in boot
£5k of Spares with associated value, all included if asking price paid:
  • X10 new Spark plugs £150 (£15 each)
  • 2 x sets (x8) wheels OZ originals. £2000
  • OMP roll cage - £600
  • 1 x set of Nankang AR1 track tyres, used on one Trackday - £600 new
  • Original aluminium spoiler - £100
  • Original headlights - £250
  • OE Intake manifold - £200
  • OE Starter motor £150
  • Forge Actuator - £200
  • Rear bench seat - £250
  • 4 x scrubbed Dunlop slicks - £400
  • New Battery - £150

If you have read this far then please read a bit further as I won't be messed about with tyre kickers and morons who want to PX their Astra so these are my rules:
  1. Payment is bank transfer only.
  2. Any haggling on the price will mean the spares package is withdrawn, I won't go much lower than asking price anyway
  3. No part exchange unless it is an Audi RSQ5 and you don't want me to give you the other £30k!
  4. Test drive is with me driving - no exceptions. I will show you the full range of power options and capabilities of the car. If i stuff it in a hedge while we are doing that then it is my fault, I will not risk you doing it.
  5. Respect me and I will respect you.
I have a strong attachment to this car and am in no rush to sell.