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  1. Tyres / Wheels
    Was looking at XXR 527's to the VII. What other wheels are multispoke concave that would look good on a VII?
  2. Tyres / Wheels
    I ordered a full sent XXK 527 Chrome Black from Ant at Indigo GT (Im not taking a dig at Indigo GT because they would never know considering its a sealed box)....wheels are awesome until the wife kerbed them a bit so decided to get a spare wheel from Ant cosidering i dont have to wait for my...
  3. Wanted
    I am after a set of new or perfect condition alloy wheels to fit my Evo 8 GSR, currently with a evo 9 bodykit. I prefer white alloys, full set with tyres, to fit car without any arch rolling or modification. I prefer XXR 527 or ROTA Grids. If you have anything like this please get in touch...
1-3 of 3 Results