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  1. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Heya guys, I recently purchased an Evo 4 that I've just been having constant wiring and battery issues with. The car needs to be jump started if I don't drive it for a day or two, even then it struggles to start, I got a new battery that has been having the same issue (I also know nothing about...
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    Bought this a while back as I had faulty headlight wiring on my 8 260 to find out that the connectors were different. I tried and you can't get these separate from Mitsubishi as they come with the headlight itself. Good condition. Please make sure the connectors are correct for your loom but...
  3. Wanted
    As above. Looking for the loom with the brown plug for the dipped beam as pictured. Cash waiting. Cheers.
  4. Wanted
    Hey guys, Looking for an Evo 6 GSR dash loom, must be original and uncut. (Previous owner decided to chop, tape and twist pretty much every wire under there and I want to sort it out!) Not sure if E4+5's are the same loom? Hopefully someone can confirm this. Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results