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  1. Technical Questions
    Unlike some my Evo is my daily all year round :D I want to change my wipers where is best to pick up a set? Another part of the winter usage I want to put on a set of mud flaps, I'm thinking black with the Rallie Art logo who do people recommend. Thanks guys :smthumbup
  2. Wanted
    Hi everyone. I'm after a set (4 matching or 2 pairs different brand) of winter tyres. Sizes good for me must be 17 inch: 205/45, 205/50, 215/40, 215/45, 225/45 Also after 16<x<36 oem mitsu wheel nuts. Can collect near Reading, or courier. Cheers
  3. Wanted
    Hi everyone. I'm after a set of 17" alloys. Must be: Super cheap 5x114, 17" able to fit on mitsu hub. Straight and not buckled/cracked. Width, brand, looks, condition, ET, colour does not matter at all! Also looking for 4 winter tyres, any brand, must be 17" and still legal which with winter...
  4. Picture & Video Gallery
    We're looking for a good wintery shot of an Evo to use as our new Facebook Cover image over winter, so if anybody fancies having their car featured on the page, please post up your best pics! Thanks in advance :smthumbup
  5. Tyres / Wheels
    So I’m looking at taking the RotaGTRs off for the winter and dropping a new set of rubber on my standard rims for the winter months. In the past I've just stuck to regular Yoko Advan Sports for year round use and to be fair they've been okay. Got to thinking though that maybe there might be a...
1-5 of 5 Results