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  1. Picture & Video Gallery
    Event took place at one of the local Mitsubishi lot. I had created a Mitsubishi club where I am from. We are just a baby group and only have 3 local sponsors with some prizes. Great turn out..some came and went. Probably at least if everyone stayed probably close to 30. Reminder that this was...
  2. Picture & Video Gallery
    Met up with some local Mitsubishi's (Evo's) to go for a little cruise on our long weekend day off. Evo 2, 4, 5 and 6(x2)...there were also other vehicles like a JDM Civic EG and a RSX. Then some random Civic's pulled into the spot's. Couldn't do anything about it as the place we were at was...
  3. Suspension / Handling
    For my Evo V. Ordered these last month and got them in today. From Japan to Canada at $1000 CDN brand new shipped. Will give a review after I get my other suspension bits. Be best to do it all at once ( ball joints, control arms, inner/outer tie rods and sway bar bushings). Has anyone got any...
1-3 of 3 Results