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    Can You Help ? Would anyone have a set of wheels I could borrow for a week while I get a refurbishment done on my ones I’m located in Crawley area any wheels don’t mind as long as they are round and have tyres. Thanks !
  2. Private Sales - Parts
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    For sale: - 1no. Gearbox (second gear needs repairing) - 2no. Brembo front brakes with discs and pads [SOLD] - 1no. Front alloy bonnet in silver (very good condition) [SOLD] - 1no. Fibreglass bonnet - 1no. NSF alloy wing (brand new in box) [SOLD] - 2no. OSF alloy wings (used but good) [1 Left]...
  4. Wanted
    Afternoon all, I'm after a set of original Enkei wheels from an Evo 8. Preferably in silver and in good condition but anything considered. Many thanks, Dan
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    4 x Rota GTR 18x9.5 ET26 (2 rims unused) 4 x Advan RCII 18x9.5 ET35 rims (No spacer reqd for brembo or K sport) £450 4 x Rota Boost 18x9 rims £375 4 x standard Evo IV rims, offers 1 x good wet tyre £30 2 x new slicks 6 x used slicks 12 x good used TOYO 888's 265/35-18 £550 for the best...
  6. Private Sales - Parts
  7. Wanted
    Hi I am looking for a set of Evo X Enkei's for my Evo 8. They will be painted anyway, so i don't mind them having some kerb marks. Both interested in a set with or without tires. Not interested in semi slicks. Benzo.
  8. Tyres / Wheels
    Hey guys, Can anyone help me out with some wheel caps? So I'm trying to look for wheel caps for my Evo 5, it has speedline 17" wheels on it, problem is, the Center bolt sticks out by about 10mm? Are their any Center caps that would look good and get around this? :S Cheers!
  9. Private Sales - Parts
    ***SOLD*** A set of four WRC Tarmac Evo Enkei rims complete with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres Rims are 17x8 with a 35 offset (from what I can see) and have been painted black at sometime. Tyres are 225/45R17 all with round about 4mm of tread left on Looking for £290 collected email is...
  10. Picture & Video Gallery
    By any chance does anyone have a photo of grey revolution milleniums on an evo 8? Considering buying these for my car but couldn't find a decent fitted photo on the net! Thanks in advance:coolsm:
  11. Wanted
    Hi Guys, I am looking for a set of Enkei Tarmac Evo wheels in size 17x7. Please let me know what you have and how much you want for them. Thanks
  12. Wanted
    Hi everyone. I'm after a set of 17" alloys. Must be: Super cheap 5x114, 17" able to fit on mitsu hub. Straight and not buckled/cracked. Width, brand, looks, condition, ET, colour does not matter at all! Also looking for 4 winter tyres, any brand, must be 17" and still legal which with winter...
  13. Tyres / Wheels
    Hi, Does anybody know what are the widest tires (Federal 595 rs-r) I can run on an EVO 5 without modifying the fenders in any way. I was thinking about using 255/40/17, I have tein lowered suspension, my camber is -2 degrees front, -1 degree rear and I am running some rims that I had on the car...
  14. Private Sales - Parts
    I have a set of 17 x 7" wheels for sale. I had them on my Evo IV but then I put the Brembo brakes on it and now they won't fit. I Can leave the tyres on them if you want. They're 215/45 r17 Yokohamas in almost new thread. I'll get some pics of the thread depth tomorrow. €200.00 without the...
  15. Wanted
    anyone know where i can get a set of these wheels in the uk for a evo 9. apart from cheers
  16. Private Sales - Parts
    Never been fitted, purchased by a friend for his Evo 5 but he blew his engine before putting the wheels. 4 x Buddy Club P1 Racing SF Challenge Wheel 18X8.5 ET30 5X114.3 Matt Black w/Yellow (BC01-SFC188530514-BY)
  17. Private Sales - Parts
    Selling as I have to make some room!!!!! First set is a set of evo 17" 9 enkei wheels, no tyres just wheels. They have some small marks but overall very good. As far as I can see they are still original paint. Insides are flaking lacquer in a couple of places, but nothing that could not be...
  18. Technical Questions
    Hi Guys I recently bought a set of used slicks, they are hard compound. I have taken the tyres and my wheels to the mechanic that i use, he has got the tyres onto the wheels but is struggling to get the tyre to pop onto the bead. Has anyone got any tips? Cheers
  19. Private Sales - Parts
    All, I have for sale 4 x 17" Speedline Alloys (hardly used) in Silver with budget tyres in size 235/45ZR17. Photos: Came of my Evo 9 when bought from previous owner. £125 COLLECTION only. Cheap price to try and shift quickly as running...
  20. Picture & Video Gallery
    Just got some tyres on these today :D Think they will look even better at speed on a trackday :smthumbup