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  1. Wanted
    Looking to buy an mr fq-360 if anyone is selling theirs ! Cheers !
  2. Wanted
    Hi All, Been a long time fan of the Evo and have decided to take the plunge! Ideally looking for a 9 but would also consider an 8 if running 400hp+. Budget is up to £21,000 for the perfect car. Open to relatively stock cars or built cars. Sub 70k miles 5 speed Full history No crash damage...
  3. Wanted
    Hey there - hopefully it's not too rude to pop my posting cherry with a wanted post. I'm looking for an Evo 4 rolling shell or a tatty Evo with a blown engine etc, preferably in the south of England - I'm in Weymouth, Dorset and something not too far away would be great. Nothing with any...
  4. Wanted
    Let me know what you have with prices please. Pref freshly rebuilt with warranty. Also let me know the location, I'm in Birmingham.
  5. Lancer Chat
    Looking for original piaa front fog lights for my tme if anybody could help me out thanks in advance.
  6. Wanted
    Hi guys, first post and its a wanted post... viewed a few cars and know basically all the ones on ebay, pistonheads e.t.c well but nothing taking my fancy TBH, What have you guys got to offer?? not after a 'big build' forged or stroked etc, a clean, low ish miles car with basic mods would be...
  7. Wanted
    Looking for an EVO VIII or EVO IX nothing higher than an FQ320. Preferred specs to be: Near standard as possible but don't mind a few subtle mods. No higher than 75k mileage Not an import must be a UK car Full service history And obviously in good condition. Cheers
  8. Wanted
    Hey guys, Looking for an Evo 6 GSR dash loom, must be original and uncut. (Previous owner decided to chop, tape and twist pretty much every wire under there and I want to sort it out!) Not sure if E4+5's are the same loom? Hopefully someone can confirm this. Thanks.
  9. Wanted
    Hi guys 1st post on here. So my time has come to buy my 1st Evo, always wanted one since a kid. I have a 12k-13k budget and am looking hopefully to get a 8 MR in gunmetal grey. Im finding these very hard to come by and any help would be greatly appreciated so I can become part of the Evo club...
  10. Wanted
    Hi everyone. Is someone have to skip on japfest next saturday, first, I feel sorry for it, second, I would be more than happy to buy the ticket off you. Please PM. Regards Marcell
  11. Wanted
    Hi guys, I'm desperately looking for a red LHD TME. An offer just slipped right through my fingers because the seller didn't answer me at all, which is pretty frustrating. Do you guys know of any/have one on sale? Any help appreciated!
  12. Wanted
    As above, I am looking for an Evo V Not too concerned on what colour aslong as it is in a good mechanical and clean condition. Thanks
  13. Wanted
    Hi Folks, On the lookout for a OEM Evo 6 or TME Gear Knob? Fed up with the aftermarket item on my car, Would like item posted 1st class royal mail recorded or Special Delivery. What have you got? Thanks
  14. Wanted
    Hello, I'm now on the lookout for a set of Coil Packs for my EVO 6 (after discovering the leads didn't fix the issue).. If you can include Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded Postage (as i Live in Shetland)... Couriers take weeks... Cheers
  15. Wanted
    Hi there. As above, I'm looking for an early 7bolt head, preferably ready to fit condition, used, refurbed, complete or bare head at least with valves and bearing halves will be good for me, turbo or NA aswell. I'm near Reading, please get in touch via PM messaging. Cheers Marcell
  16. Wanted
    Hello all I need either a transfer box for evo 6 Or If possible just the propshaft bit from the end see pic below(I need the whole part)
  17. Wanted
    Genuine private buyer looking to return to Evo ownership after nearly ten years away. Looking for an unmodified example, will maybe consider lightly modified example which can be easily returned to standard spec. Will consider most variants and imported models, but do have a preference for UK...
  18. Wanted
    Thanks everyone, I got my transfer, topic can be closed.
  19. Wanted
    Hi guys. I am after for a set of alloys which surplus the following: 5x114 Fits over brembos and EVO hub properly (correct centerbore) 17x7ish or maybe 18" diameter Light as possible (I know I can't afford superlight alloys regarding my budget) Tyres not needed. Must be straight not buckled, not...
  20. Wanted
    Hi guys. Wondering if anyone got a spare ticket or knows someone who got one general admission adult sunday ticket to FOS. I was told I will be working this weekend, turned out the other way. :wallbang: Please PM, my paypal is ready, or can collect around hampshire. Cheers!
1-20 of 30 Results