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  1. Private Sales - Cars
    Silver 2003 Evo VIII FQ300 - *** SOLD *** I have owned the car since December 2012. Since I have owned the car it has only ever been maintained by Rich at RG Motorsport (brilliant Evo specialist). The last service & MOT was October 2019 (Engine Oil / Filter (Millers Oil), Gear Oil, Brake Fluid...
  2. Picture & Video Gallery
    Had the MR RS out the last night and just had to get some sunset pictures!
  3. Wanted
    Looking for an EVO VIII or EVO IX nothing higher than an FQ320. Preferred specs to be: Near standard as possible but don't mind a few subtle mods. No higher than 75k mileage Not an import must be a UK car Full service history And obviously in good condition. Cheers
  4. Newbie
    Hi there guys I'm new to the site and would like a bit of clarification on a few things. I am looking to purchase my first evo fairly soon. However I am in a predicament of what to go for... I have been offered a evo vii rs2 which has really struck me because it's white (love white cars). This...
  5. Lancer Chat
    Hi all, I'm a newbie here, so be gentle! ;) After 10 years of Subaru Impreza ownership, I've finally been swayed to the dark side. I absolutely love the UK Evo VIII MR FQ models and I will be looking to buy one as soon as possible. However, as I'm new to Evo ownership, I was hoping for the...
  6. Private Sales - Cars
    ***Price drop*** 14.200euro...Irish Car.Unique reg 06 WD 8.NCT 26/7/2012 All new Team Dynamics alloys pro race 18inch and four continental sport contact two tyres 235/40/18.Clifford alarm with blackjax, remote start, turbo timer and tracker..etc.All built into alarm.Alarm cost E2,000. Dual Zone...
  7. Newbie
    Hi Everyone, I heard a lot about the MLR after being around so many :mitsi: EVO nuts throughout the 2010 AAA series, now I just have to wait my turn to own one... (a while to go yet, I'm only 18 :goingmad:) Along with the :mitsi: EVO I have a thing for AWD :smthumbup cars and the amount of...
1-7 of 7 Results