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tommi mackinen
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    Hi guys, I am in Australia. Looking to buy an Evo 6 TME but not sure how to tell if it's a genuine or a replica. The vin number is JMFSRCK5AWU000395. The manufacturing date is 12/97 and the compliance date is 01/98. Looks like it's Australian new car and not an import from Japan. Now the car...
  2. Private Sales - Cars
    Evo 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition registered 03/2000 (W) - Imported for me in 2017 grade 4 auction with 108546 kms on 67,418 miles, it's now done (110,000kms) 68300 miles approx, with zero rust underneath, was a very clean example. - A stack of Japanese service history up to 103,000 kms! -...
  3. Used Car Information
    Hey folks, Im toying with the idea of selling my Tommi Mackinen Evo 6 and upgrading to a different version.. Problem is, i have no idea what i should be asking for it. Its a UK car, #31 - and Its been very well looked after with some nice mods. 2000 X Reg, 75k miles, 3 Previous Owners, 19"...
1-3 of 3 Results