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  1. Want to Buy TME Muffler / Exhaust

    Private Sales - Parts
    Hi all, I'm desperately looking for a a TME exhaust (MR514953) or just the end piece. Not the standard VI one, but the (rounder) TME version. Any help? Best, Felix
  2. Wanted
    Hi All, I appreciate that these are extremely hard to come by but I'm in desperate need for a set of TME wheels. Is there anyone out there that has a set or knows of a set that I can buy? Kind regards, Neil.
  3. Wanted
    Hi I am looking for a front and rear original seat for a evo vi tme in good conditions. Please pm me. Many thanks
  4. Private Sales - Cars
    Hi All, I am new to the forum as a member however have found it very useful in the past and thought it would be a good idea to advertise my much loved TME on here in the hope a genuine Evo lover will appreciate it and love it for many years. So the basics - It's a Canal Blue Evo 6 TME No.133...
  5. Private Sales - Cars
    Evo 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition registered 03/2000 (W) - Imported for me in 2017 grade 4 auction with 108546 kms on 67,418 miles, it's now done (110,000kms) 68300 miles approx, with zero rust underneath, was a very clean example. - A stack of Japanese service history up to 103,000 kms! -...
  6. Wanted
    Hi everyone, Does anyone have this wheel up for sale ? Doing a complete rebuild at the moment and would love to get the wheel off someone's hands!
  7. Lancer Chat
    Looking for original piaa front fog lights for my tme if anybody could help me out thanks in advance.
  8. Private Sales - Cars
    Sad to say its time to sell my baby, Have had it since the beginning of 2015 and have loved every minute, It has been my daily driver for the past three years, with fully synthetic oil changes every 4000km. the car is very close to stock with a few modifications, has 156,000km HKS super suction...
  9. Picture & Video Gallery
    Introducing another one of my dream cars. After trying to purchase this JDM Tommi Makinen Edition Evo VI from the previous owner for over 1 year, he finally sold it to me last Sunday, February 4th, 2018. I was very excited to finally drive it home. I took it to have a roadworthy inspection the...
  10. Bodywork / Detailing
    Hello enthusiasts. First post here and after some expertise off you guys. Bought a TME back in 2012 but it's been sat in the front lot of MK Autos and Tuning, Blackburn since 2014 as needs some fabrication doing to the underside. Not had much chance past few years to get it sorted as I'm in the...
  11. Technical Questions
    Hi gents, I have a "little" problem with my recently bought TME.. Maybe someone had this problem before and is able to help.. (hope so). So, I bought the car last Saturday, and I used it all day long (around 100 miles) and it worked everything perfect. Even though, when locking it with the...
  12. Picture & Video Gallery
    Well, yes another red Mak.. actually not sorry if you are offended :mhihi: The car was imported from Japan early last year, by a Polish importer. Rather clean example, a few bits and pieces left to be done over the coming months, but after that it should be a very nice car. Just ticked over...
  13. Technical Questions
    Hey guys, so as the title states, I'm getting a weird metallic knocking sound from the front end. I have no idea what it could be, since I can't seem to provoke it. It doesn't happen under specific circumstances, it seems to be absolutely random. Just a single loud Knock and then it's...
  14. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Can anyone tell me what should be fitted into a TME? Single din radio / cd or radio / cassette unit? with a storage hole unit below? plus I've seen a few with a 3 gauge unit below the radio. (Ralliart?) Any info / photographs would be great. and, I need a set of whatever was fitted...
  15. Wanted
    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a few new or good used OEM :mitsi: parts for a TME - can anyone point me in the right direction please - thanks. :thumbup: Heat shield. Bonnet insulation. Gear knob. Front mesh in front of the intercooler. Front seats or just drivers seat. Battery clamp & j bolts...
  16. Lancer Chat
    I am due to view a UK Evo 6 in a few days.....which was undersealed when new. Can anyone please advise of what to look for underneath and engine bay! 15 years on UK roads is an issue I know but what areas do I need to have a specific look at, what areas to poke with a screwdriver etc - lol...
  17. Wanted
    Sold current car - so looking now for TME Evo 6.5 in red (or maybe black). UK or import car, must be good or better condition - miles not too important if FSH. Cash available - no P/Ex. please e-mail, PM or text, 07974 419805 thanks, :) Nottingham
  18. Wanted
    TME front bumper, contact me ASAP 07809463135
1-19 of 40 Results