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  1. Technical Questions
    Car Evo VI on a 2000. I was out in the car on the good weather and the car was like a sauna due to no air con! The system has gas in it so NO LEAKS but something isn't playing ball???:wallbang: Anyone had this? Initial suspicion was the dryer unit maybe needs changed but wouldn't mind any...
  2. Technical Questions
    can some 1 please tell me what the little red switch next to the steering wheel is for/does its really bugging me
  3. Technical Questions
    Evo 6 gsr Hi This is my first post so be gentle. 10 days ago i arrived at my yard in France after about 900 miles of trouble free driving. Since then i have used the car a couple of times on nice days all fine. I have just started the car and after 10 seconds there was a clunk and i saw my...
1-3 of 5 Results