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  1. Technical Questions
    Hi all. First post! I'm looking to get new coilovers for my VI. Its still wearing standard dampers but different springs apparently (Tein i think?). All in all, it rides horrible. Really crashy. Budget is around £1300. i'm thinking Tein Mono Sport I've looked in the technical section but cant...
  2. Suspension / Handling
    Hi I have just recieved my Tein Type Flex coilover kit with the EDFC. I wanted to know how much should it cost to get coilovers fitted & get the geometry done aswell. I phoned Extreme motorsports & was qouted it would cost me £110 for just the geometry or £500 to get the coilovers fitted with...
  3. Wanted
    Hi all, got an e4 and my shocks and springs have about had it so im after a decent second hand set of front & rears for her. Ive seen some good sets on the forum but I seem to get in contact too late and the buggers have sold!! Any help would be useful Thanks Jake
1-3 of 3 Results