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  1. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi Every one, I would like to do TC-SST Flash my 2009 Lancer Ralliart to 2011 EvoX Firmware version. I'm not sure my SST will have any effect or not? I read many information and see the video about how to flash. I saw some guy said after we are flash software to new version 2011...
  2. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    This thread is to exchange your experiences driving your X with SST Getrag 6-speed wet clutch gearbox. I have recently bought X FQ330 SST. From some recent posts it was obvious to me that there are plenty of X SST owners willing to talk about it. My car has a powerful map on it (pulls very...
  3. Private Sales - Cars
    Now sold.
  4. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    I seem to have a noise that's best described as a screaming child coming from the gearbox by the sound of it. It's a whine high pitch when you are at high revs and you lift off and allow it to slow itself down. Doesn't seem to happen in normal mode though and the gearbox seems to be very...
  5. Used Car Information
    Howdee I have seen this advertised in a couple of places...
  6. Engine / Turbo
    Hey All Right, I am getting into a nasty habit of hitting the rev limiter when accelerating. Then this morning did it again but this time lost power and the engine check light illuminated; off to the garage I go. Ok, the question is, does the X have a programmable present where it will alarm...
  7. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    I've heard someone on here mention uprated SST clutches (or maybe just internals in general?) that let the SST cope with greater torque. I think this stuff comes from the states. Does anyone have any info on this? What it is, where it can be bought etc? Any UK dealers sell this stuff, or fit...
  8. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hey All Seen this mentioned in a post the other week, basically the post said " Had the SST box updated by Mitsi with the software upgrade and am due to have the next version when I get home" I was wondering if this would be a warrenty job or something you would pay for. The only reason I...
  9. Private Sales - Cars
    (2008) EVO X GSR SST 400Bhp 11mths tax & MOT 10800 miles only!! on Brand new engine. first registered march 2008 GSR FQ300 SST HPI clear The car was pre-registered by the garage i got it from However i am the only owner. The car stands me at well over £45k However i have to be realistic...
  10. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    I must say I'm quite disappointed with SST in terms how fast one can get it to overheat, even outside track, and with stock car... I never expected that I could get slow down message by driving less than 25min in both Sport and S-Sport modes on a regular road. True, ambient temp was around...
  11. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi all Had a stage 1 on my X SST, and she's doing 370/380 very nicely. However, think i've got the bug! Want more power! Thinking about the SSP clutch and cooling upgrade. Anyone had any experience with these, and anyone with experience fitting them. Any UK supplier? Any help appreciated.
  12. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi all Just having my Evo x 300 SST remapped to about 360-380bhp and similar torque. Also having the torque limiter removed... should be fun, eh?! :smthumbup Just a quick question... what are your thoughts about timing of gearbox oil changes? I'd personally feel better getting it changed more...
  13. Picture & Video Gallery
    This thread is for us to share any and all mods to Lancer RalliArt Sportback SST 09 -. Don't put any other general information or off topic posts in this thread, use this one instead: I will start us off in my next post. Thanks Spike
  14. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Is there one?
  15. Private Sales - Cars
    Car can now be viewed at Xtreme UK
  16. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi everyone, I just got a 330 SST recently and so happy with everything except one issue. Once gained speed, the throttle is super sensitive and pleasing. :smthumbup But pulling away from standstill, the car seems not very responsive no matter how hard I press the pedal and what transmission...
1-16 of 17 Results