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  1. Bodywork / Detailing
    Hi all Does anyone know what type of front splitter this is and where I can get a replacement? The current one has seen better days and I just want to replace it for one that’s the same but I can’t find it anywhere online?? Thanks in advance for any help 🙂 Photo to follow next;
  2. Bodywork / Detailing
    Hi all, just wanted to get other peoples opinions/thoughts on the Carbon front splitter on the evo 8? I've got one and it scrapes on everything! this is partially down to the fact i have HSD MonoPro Coil-overs but even when i take it slowly drive over speed humps diagonally i still wince as i...
  3. Wanted
    Hi all I have an insurance claim for the 3 piece extreme style front lip on my e6 Is there any traders that would deal with equity red start to get the parts either made and sprayed or know where I can get hold of them? I asked Xtreme and co autoparts but they seem to think it's like rocking...
  4. Bodywork / Detailing
    I need a new splitter for my IX FQ320, I thought my choices were Ralliart or standard but now I've come to buy I've seen mention of the MR and FQ360 ones (I think one of these IS the Ralliart one - the FQ360 one, is that right?) From what I'm reading, the only difference is one sticks out more...
  5. Wanted
    I have a new aftermarket front bumper which could now benefit from a front skirt or splitter. All sensible ideas considered. :smthumbup
  6. Wanted
    i am in need of an evo 8 carbon front splitter. anyone got any ideas please contact me. thanks in advance (also carbon spark plug cover)
  7. Wanted
    hi guys im looking for a front splitter for my 4 can anyone help. if so how much for part, post and packaging to livingston scotland cheers.
1-7 of 7 Results