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  1. Want to Buy Rs diff kit for evo 9

    Hello im new to this forum .. im looking to purchase a RS rear diff and a 5 speed gear box with cables and shifter complete if available . If not ill buy seperate must be in working condition .. thanks
    £10 GBP
  2. Wanted
    Hi everyone, first post in this forum:) New to the Japanese and Evo scene! I recently got mine (Won It Actually!) about 3 months. It's a Evo 9 GT in Parma Red! I'm after a genuine Ralliart Gear Knob (preferably in gloss black) if anyone has one for sale? I have heard they are rare as rocking...
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    Hello, Drenth Sequential Shifter kit for sale! This kit fits all Evo IV-IX 5-speed gearboxes, OEM and straightcut dogbox. It changes the H-shift design to Sequential shifting. Kit includes: Shifter, Shift rod incl. sensor for flatshift, Seq. shift unit, cable for reverse gear. Price incl...
  4. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    About three weeks ago my CN9A (EVO IV) started to give me issues with getting the car into gear. I know is not the clutch because the car is pulling like hell without any slippage. The problem started with a bit of 5th gear grinding and now sometimes I cant get other gears in unless I force...
1-4 of 4 Results