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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi folks I’m after Evo 9 RS or GT shell for a project. Looking forward to offers. Cheers.
  2. Wanted
    Looking to do a reshell After a good shell to swap over cleaner the better but open to what’s out there Rolling is better
  3. Newbie
    Hello to all, I'm very happy to say I've just got my hands on a decent Evo 5 Shell My intention is to build it from the ground up. I wouldn't class myself as an expert but I have some experience with welding and do have people who will help if needed To start with I want to get rid of all...
  4. Lancer EX 2000 Turbo
    As the title says I've got 2 things for sale: - LSD: SOLD - LT2000 Shell: Hood (not really good) Doors Lid of the boot Lights (Front and Rear) Wheels (Starion) Rear Axle (standard) Extra roof (In the body is a sun-window build in years so the original roof isn't that good anymore)...
  5. Wanted
    hi looking for a evo 7 shell on irish plates if not uk plates would do but has to be in ireland ...... if not an 7 shell a 5 or 3 would do ... possibly rolling 7 shell with passenger door, two wings ,bonnet and headlights ive everything else for that model .... i wrote my car off the last...
1-5 of 5 Results