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  1. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Hi guys, How are your sensors positioned. Not sure about mine. Please advice. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Technical Questions
    Hi, I have a 1992 cb5 Lancer gti (engine 4g93 dohc). The car has stored a knock sensor code (code 31), but there seems to be no knock occurring. The strange part is that the check engine light only appears between 3k and 4k rpm and goes away past those rpm, also doesn't appear at WOT. Does this...
  3. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Hey guys. I'm looking for this adaptor in order to get my speedometer work correctly. Basically my speedo shows both Mph and Kph. Without this the speedo reads 160kph instead of 100kph which is the actual speed of the car. The car is Evo 9 FQ!AvVf61aTkuWz2E8s0CJj6CXkcWCv...
  4. Exhaust Systems
    Bought a 3" Turbo back de-cat system for my Evo 8 and recieved it yesterday, I have been having a look at the system and I have noticed that there is no boss/threaded hole or adapter for the lambda sensor to be screwed into. Was wondering if anyone has a solution?
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    --Sorry it is an EVO8 MAF, mistyped in the title-- Hi there. I got this EVO8 MAF lying around in my workshop, it is time to find a new owner for it. Nothing fancy about it, in good condition. Located near Reading. I'm after 50GBP for it.
  6. Wanted
    Hi all Require a lambda sensor (new or used as long as it works) Passenger side front wheel arch liner. Window washer tank with pumps. Inter cooler spray tank with pump. A pnp ecu. Possibly a sunroof motor. Comment or pm me please. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  7. Technical Questions
    According to ASA, the part numbers for the CT9A Evo front O2 sensor are: 2001 VII - MR578531, succeeded by MN153398 2002 VII - MN153398 2003-05 VIII - MN153010 2006 IX - 1588A064 My car is a 01' VII and I couldn´t find a OEM or aftermarket replacement anywhere. The closest I got was the Denso...
  8. Engine / Turbo
    :mitsi: recently bought evo3 and the down pipe has this bung connector off of it. was wondering if anyone knew what the sensor is for(O2 maybe?). thanks
  9. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    My speed and km/milage digital disapeared. The rpm and light and everything works. I think when i startet the car with not pressing the clutch damaged it... I dont know excatly but i need to fix this. All fuses are good in the engine compartment..
1-9 of 9 Results