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  1. Private Sales - Cars
  2. Wanted
    hi looking for a evo 7 shell on irish plates if not uk plates would do but has to be in ireland ...... if not an 7 shell a 5 or 3 would do ... possibly rolling 7 shell with passenger door, two wings ,bonnet and headlights ive everything else for that model .... i wrote my car off the last...
  3. Wanted
    I am waiting for a payout from an injury i had last year and i am going to buy an Evo 8 mr, fq300/320/340. If anyone is thinking of selling theirs this summer then please drop me some info. Only have 10k ish to spend but want one from MLR member that has been looked after. Thanks
  4. Private Sales - Cars
    Evo 5 GSR Satellite Silver 1998 R £4,900 Here I have for sale my EVO 5 GSR The car is in mint condition. Never been remapped or messed with a part from a few add on's AYC light flashes on and off on start up, All major work done by extreme whitburn Speedo was 85370km when imported so 53046 miles...
1-4 of 4 Results