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  1. Used Car Information
    Hello all, I would like advice from the knowledgeable members on here. I own a 1999 RVR X3 Sports Gear. The one with the 4g63t engine, mine has a tiptronic box. Its in good condition, no dents or obvious rust, very good inside also. Don't have any pics online to share yet, but this is almost...
  2. Technical Questions
    Anyone have the correct part numbers please for the oil and air filter as there seems to be some confusion at the garage over which to use,... RVR X3 Sports Gear, R reg, 1998ish.. Is the oil filter the same as an Evo 5? Need them for Friday, so any and all help greatly appreciated... Would...
  3. Non-Evo Cars for Sale
    Hi guys. I am selling my RVR HyperSportsgear. No special reason for selling, actually not using her enough. It is 1997 with around 60000 miles total (need to check for sure), manual with LSD rear diff. Complete EVO123 powertrain. Gearbox is W5M33 and has 3.545 ratio. Gearbox is a different one...
  4. Wanted
    bearing has gone , rvr 1998 x3 its a denso compressor part number 442100-1000 4g63 type engine ,similar to evo 5/6 before you ask i tried a normal mitsubishi evo compressor and its a no go...:(
1-4 of 4 Results