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  1. Private Sales - Cars
    Evo vii RS2 2003 UK car in black supplied by Extreme cars, Folder full of history inc MOT's etc. Relatively standard compared to most Evo's for sale, Lady owner for the last 5 years (it's my better half's daily driver). Very clean tidy car bought off a fellow MLR member. EVO number plate, Carbon...
  2. Newbie
    Right then guys. I'm now looking at an Evo Vii however in the description it is written as RS2 and the FQ300. I have asked the person who owns it and he said its an FQ300. It has a plaque with the number 184 on it. What does the plaque stand for? Also would this be correct that it is deinately...
  3. Newbie
    Hi there guys I'm new to the site and would like a bit of clarification on a few things. I am looking to purchase my first evo fairly soon. However I am in a predicament of what to go for... I have been offered a evo vii rs2 which has really struck me because it's white (love white cars). This...
  4. Private Sales - Cars
1-5 of 6 Results