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  1. Engine / Turbo
    Ok, here's my guide to removing and refitting the sump/ oil pan after having mine off to [hopefully] rectify an un-identified oil leak. There were a few lessons learnt, such as removing the lower chassis brace(s) to completely remove the downpipe for better access. Parts you will need- grey...
  2. Engine / Turbo
    Some of you may remember I had the light come up on my dashboard indicating that my timing belt had become stretched. The Exclamation mark in the triangle. Well my warranty company provided by Lookers, The Warranty Group (TWG) decided that my timing chain wasn't covered because it was wear and...
  3. Technical Questions
    How easy is it to remove the intake manifold with the engine still in the car? Thanks
  4. Technical Questions
    Hoping for a bit of decent weather tomorrow, as I'm going to tackle a few jobs on my Evo IV. One of them is changing a front hub, and I have a couple of q's, bearing in mind the car is 16yo and this is probably the first time these bolts have been cracked. - Out of plusgas/2' breaker...
1-4 of 4 Results