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    Hi All, Here is a few practice laps around the excellent HoverSpeed RC course setup at Weston Model Air Show 2015. The course also featured their new line of Nano Airgates, these proved to be too much of a temptation not to use them in a few laps. Best viewed full screen 1080p
  2. Non-Lancer Chat
    Hi All, Here is a test of the Runcam HD camera. The Spanky 5 is fitted with two Runcam HD camera's, one facing forwards and another underneath the quad facing backward capturing all the footage that's normally lost. Flying the Spanky 5 with an extra 50g+ (camera and isolation mount) was...
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    Hi All, Here are some Win and Fail shots from our day racing mini Quadcopters. West Devon saw a group of FPV pilots meet for some excellent FPV Racing of mini Quadcopters, the weather was ideal and the garden a perfect place to setup a track to try and avoid hitting obstacles. We all had so...
1-3 of 4 Results